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From our award winning podcast and free discipleship training program, to our paid mentoring and coaching programs, you are bound to find something that will radically shift your thinking and help you transform your life. We guarantee it!



SuperAbundant Life Tribe (SALT) Academy is our FREE discipleship training program designed for Christians who desire to become grounded in the foundations of the Christian faith such as prayer, bible study, faith, identity and so on, so that they can be more fruitful in life. 

SALT Academy’s curriculum is designed as a comprehensive roadmap to move you from having a mere “head knowledge” of God to powerfully experiencing him in your day to day life.



SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) is our PAID membership program designed for  Christian women who are grounded in Christ but over time, the busyness of life has slowed their spiritual growth to a crawl, their personal prayer and bible study life are almost non-existent and they need a bit of help rebuilding and maintaining a vibrant spiritual life.

SAW specialises in making spiritual and personal development simple, fun and consistent for the Christian woman who is ready to ditch the hustle and step into her essence as an anointed daughter of God so that she can continually evolve into a higher version of herself, whilst making supernatural advancement at work, at home and in life.



Are there one or two areas of your life where it feels like you’ve been going round in circles? You’ve expended time, money and energy but no change. You’ve done everything you know to do but that mountain is simply refusing to move? You feel as stuck today as the day you began the journey. And you’re geniunely baffled because other areas of your life are progressing as expected.

Goal Execution & Mastery System (GEMS) is our PAID intensive transformational coaching program designed to radically transform an area of your life where you have experienced fierce opposition and frustrating stagnation into your biggest testimony yet. We help you break through every ceiling of limitation so that you can achieve your most outrageous dreams and goals with ease.





The SuperAbundant Life Podcast is an award winning weekly podcast packed with practical biblical insights and strategies for anyone who wishes to live an exceptionally successful life. With over 130 episodes and counting, you are in for a treat!
Olawunmi Brigue is a Transformational Life Coach dedicated to training Christians to transform their lives, homes and society by skilfully deploying the unstoppable force of God's Word.







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“After 8 years of being stuck in the same junior management role, within 3 months of joining SAW, I secured an AGM role as Chief Compliance Officer at a bank.”

Frances D.

When I started working with Olawunmi, I had lost my sense of direction and needed a lot of insight and clarity into where God was taking me. I was at a very low point in my life. By simply applying the GEMS principles that Olawunmi teaches and espouses, my life has been completely turned around. I gained clarity in my career and knew that I wanted to emigrate from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Within three months, I secured a job in England that was exactly what I wanted and everything I needed to relocate effortlessly came through. I am certainly on another whole new level and can only attribute this to what God has done through Olawunmi and GEMS.

Dr Mojisola A.

I am an avid listener of the SuperAbundant Life Podcast and it has blessed me so much that I have gotten my family members to also take a liking to it. We practically discuss the episodes in our free time. I have been practicing Olawunmi's God inspired strategies and speaking the word of God over my life and career. I can categorically say that my life is indeed gradually being transformed. I just landed a job to head the HR team of a company (Group with 3 subsidiary companies) in Nigeria. I am so excited that I just had to send a message to say thank you because I used to be a shrinking violet in the past.

Olajumoke A.

The Miracle Magnet challenge in SALT Academy opened my eyes to see what the missing link is in bringing God's promises to reality. Over the last few years, the Lord ministered scriptures concerning some aspects of my life. The challenge has shown me how to get them fulfilled in my life.

Titilayo A.