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SuperAbundant Life Tribe (SALT) Academy is an online discipleship training program for Christians who desire to become grounded in the foundations of the Christian faith such as prayer, bible study, faith, identity and so on, so that they can be more fruitful in life. 

SALT Academy’s curriculum is designed as a comprehensive roadmap to move you from having a mere “head knowledge” of God to powerfully experiencing him in your day to day life.

The result is a vibrant spiritual life that radically transforms every area of your life and impacts your world.

The SALT Academy Curriculum focuses on four powerful pillars...


Learn how to pray effectively in a way that guarantees supernatural results by applying the principles of unshakeable faith.


Gain in-depth understanding of your true identity through the Scriptures and learn how to apply the life-changing wisdom of God’s Word directly to your personal life so that you can overcome the struggles, limitations, fears and doubts that have held you back.


Learn how to develop a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, grow your ability to hear God and allow his wisdom shape your world-view.


Learn how to develop God-honouring character (soft skills) and cultivate a Christ-centred lifestyle that opens the doors to supernatural results in every area of your life.

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I'm Olawunmi,

Creator of the highly acclaimed SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) membership and Goal Execution & Mastery System (GEMS) coaching program.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I have dedicated my work to training Christians to maximise their God-Factor to create inexplicable JAW-DROPPING supernatural success in EVERY dimension of life, WITHOUT HUSTLE OR STRESS. 

SALT Academy is one of the different ways I am fulfilling this mission.

I also host a weekly podcast, The SuperAbundant Life, packed with practical biblical insights and strategies for anyone who wishes to live an exceptionally successful life.

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The Miracle Magnet challenge has really blessed my life. My prayer life and bible study have really skyrocketed. This challenge has taught me how to use the word of God to pray my desires into existence and this has really built up my faith in God.
The challenge opened my eyes to see what the missing link is in bringing God's promises to reality. Over the last few years, the Lord ministered scriptures concerning some aspects of my life. The challenge has shown me how to get them fulfilled in my life.
I participated in the challenge and my bible study life has been revived. I now read and meditate on God’s word daily and consistently. I’ve also learnt how to pray effectively with the word of God.
Among other things, the challenge has opened my eyes to the practical secret of having consistent victory as a believer. My life will never remain the same!

Don’t let another season go by before you prioritise your spiritual growth

At the beginning of every year, you keep setting goals to deepen your walk with God, pray better, study God’s word more and grow spiritually.

Are you tired of setting goals for your spiritual growth without any results? How long will you keep drinking milk when you should already be breaking bones?

You don’t have to wait for the New Year before you take your spiritual growth goals seriously.

Get your spiritual life to where you’ve always envisioned it to be by signing up for the SALT Academy today.


Some of your questions answered...

When you sign up for the SALT Academy, a link to join the Telegram group will be shared with you via email.


The frequency of our masterclasses & webinars will range from monthly to quarterly depending on the curriculum. More details will be shared via the email you use to sign up and on the Telegram Group.

All SALT Academy sessions will be held online. Details about this will be shared when you register for each specific session. 

You will have access to the content for a period of one year as you would be expected to achieve your spiritual growth goals within this period. 

The SALT Academy challenges are designed to help you achieve growth in specific areas of your spiritual life e.g prayer, meditation, bible study, etc. by focusing solely on that specific area for a period time usually between 7-14 days.

YES! The more the merrier. The only condition is they have to be female.

SALT Academy Is Perfect For You If....

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