In this webinar, I will teach the following principles:

  • Why you should stop guilt-tripping yourself if a goal fails…it’s really not your fault.
  • The reason you find consistency hard and keep breaking promises you make to yourself. Plus, how to reverse this trend.
  • 3 things you must do FIRST before you take ANY ACTION towards your goal. Otherwise, that goal will fail.
  • Rightly understand the role of time and how to use impatience to your advantage so you can finish strong.

Your Host: Olawunmi Brigue

Olawunmi Brigue is CEO at Luminous Global, a leading personal development and transformation coaching company empowering people globally to achieve extraordinary results in life without sacrificing their wellbeing, relationships or authenticity.

As a seasoned and certified Executive and Transformational Life Coach, Olawunmi is helping people who are dissatisfied with the status-quo to disengage from limiting and faulty belief systems, so they can think differently, show up courageously, and enjoy the wildly successful life they truly deserve.