A 2-Day Virtual Conference

Monday 5 September - Tuesday 6 September 2022

SESSION 1 Decoding boys: Breaking the culture of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men

THURSDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Bukola shares the reality of the boy child's growth and development, what motivates and influences them and how to empower and enable them into world class leaders.

SESSION 2 What teenagers really wish their parents knew (From A Teenager’s Perspective)

THURSDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Maxine shares why teenagers are too afraid to talk to their parents about, why teenagers don’t want to speak to their parents and gives tips to improve parenting relationships.

SESSION 3 Vision-Powered Parenting: Why you must begin with the end in mind

FRIDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Olawunmi shares how to secure the future of your children by designing & living out a powerful vision for your children.

SESSION 4 Holistic Parenting: The keys to raising confident and well-rounded children

FRIDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time in this session, Enae shares how to overcome the failure myth, build the bridge and bridge the gaps necessary to properly parent your children.


Bukola Jolugbo

Founder, Joshua's Army

Bukola Jolugbo, fondly referred to as Kiki, is the founder of the Joshua’s Army, a movement devoted to building high-quality relationships between fathers and sons. She works with Christian professional parents to raise world class men, leaders, husbands, and fathers. 

She is a trainer, facilitator, and host of various family-oriented events to foster health and functional families with keen interest in teenage boys.  


Enae Oyewole

Educator, O.T.S.WC Academy

Enae Oyewole has over 18 years’ experience as an Educator. She runs a tutoring academy that focuses on the child as a whole – instilling the tenets of commitment, hard work and independent learning. Her strong belief that within every child lies ‘genius’ is what drives her passion for education. 

She dedicates her time to support and help children navigate their way towards being their best self.

Maxine Brigue

Creator, Shaping Greatness

Maxine is a second-year student of English Literature and French at the University of Manchester, England.

She is the creator of Shaping Greatness, an online summer academic and spiritual excellence program where she teaches children aged 11 to 18 topics such as creating a scripture-based academic vision board, setting subject-specific goals for each year, dealing with setbacks, and bouncing back from a low grade and handling friendships.

She is passionate about writing, tutoring, and reading.

Olawunmi Brigue

CEO/FOUNDER, SuperAbundant Woman

Olawunmi Brigue is the Creator of highly acclaimed SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) membership and Goal Execution & Mastery System (GEMS) coaching program. She is dedicated to helping Christian women create inexplicable, mind-blowing successes in every area of their lives by teaching them to maximise their God-factor.

What to expect at the Raising Good Humans Parenting Conference


Through the speakers' personal stories of transformation, you will be inpired to take necessary action


By presenting truths, the speakers will debunk myths and cause mindset shifts that'll set you free from fruitless efforts


You will walk away with clear strategic action steps that will empower you to produce results similar to the speakers


You will receive a bank of relevant tools and resources that will equip you for your journey

Enrolment closes Sunday 4 September 6pm U.K. Time.
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