Do you find yourself setting loads and loads of goals but you RARELY follow through?

You know things need to change...

… you’re tired of living with the pain of unfulfilled desires

… you’re tired of watching time pass you by

… you’re tired of being paralysed by fear of failure

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The EXECUTION ROADMAP IS A bible-based STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to break the cycle of failed goals – FOREVER!

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How exactly will the Execution Roadmap help you?


Understand why so many of your heartfelt goals have failed and how you have been sabotaging your success


Discover the FAILPROOF, BIBLE-BASED way to set goals that produce supernatural results, every time!


Learn the simple changes and exact action steps that will immediately triple your success rate


Become instantly happier and more fulfilled from seeing daily progress towards your desired outcomes


Hi, I'm Olawunmi Brigue.

Helping people – particularly Christians – to transform their lives, homes and society is what I was born to do.

It breaks my heart to see Christian women perpetually living with the pain of dissatisfaction and disappointment. WE ARE MADE FOR MORE!

Download this FREE GUIDE and get INSTANT access to my six-step roadmap that will show you how to become better at not just setting goals, but at EXECUTION, using principles from God’s Word, so you can truly become the woman God created you to be.

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The results speak for themselves...

“By simply applying the principles that Olawunmi teaches and espouses, my life has been completely turned around. I gained clarity in my career and knew that I wanted to emigrate from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Within three months, I secured a job in England that was exactly what I wanted, and everything I needed to relocate effortlessly came through.”


“The first thing Olawunmi did was to help me get my prayer life and communion with the Holy Spirit going again. I hadn’t experienced such joyous fellowship in years. Then we also implemented a model that drastically reduced my workload and gave me such peace of mind and a renewed enjoyment of life. My productivity at work has multiplied and I am fitter and healthier with a weight loss of almost 10kg (approx. 20lbs).”