It's time to Build a Consistent & Effective Prayer Lifestyle

Do you find it challenging to be consistent in prayer? 

Do you only pray when you’re in a group or church setting?

Imagine the JOY, the PEACE OF MIND, the WISDOM and the RESULTS you would effortlessly enjoy if you are consistently spending quality time in prayer and fellowship WITH THE SOURCE OF YOUR LIFE.

Prayer to a Christian is like water to a fish...

Take a fish out of water and it will flap around for a little while, looking energised and full of life. 
But it is only a matter of time before its strength is completely gone. 

It’s the same thing with prayer. 

When you go long periods of time without experiencing that personal and intimate connection with God that only comes through spending time in his presence, it is only a matter of time before discouragement sets in, your thoughts become filled with worry and anxiety, and you begin to make misaligned decisions that work against you.

You deserve much more!

During This Bootcamp,You Will:


Be Inspired!

REKINDLE YOUR PASSION for prayer with a deep understanding of the real reason your personal prayer life is the most important aspect of your life.


Be Equipped!

Struggling to create the time for prayer? Finding praying on your own stale and tedious? Can't seem to last more than five to ten minutes on your own? NO PROBLEM! We will provide you with awesome resources and tools to get you enjoying at least one hour of prayer daily.

Be Accountable!

Creating a new prayer habit is not easy. And that's why you will not be left to do it alone. Through daily check-in and accountability, you will receive the support and strength you need to finish strong.


Your Host: Olawunmi Brigue

Olawunmi has a passion for teaching and inspiring Christians to grow in intimacy with God and to transform life’s challenges into their biggest successes.

In the not too distant past, she herself was trapped in a cycle of failure and helplessness as a jobless, penniless, pregnant and rejected, bitter, full of guilt and shame, confused and depressed Christian! But by coming in contact with her true identity in Christ, her life was transformed from “broke and broken” to healed, restored and enjoying superabundant success in her life.

Olawunmi is the Spiritual Life, Marriage and Children Mentor in the SuperAbundant Life Mentoring program.

And the best news is...

You can experience this Bootcamp absolutely FREE with a 21-Day Free Trial when you join The SuperAbundant Woman Mentoring Program

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The SuperAbundant Woman Mentoring Program

A practical, down-to-earth mentoring program that inspires, guides and encourages you to step into God's SuperAbundance in the seven most important areas of life.

How does it work?


Receive hands-on, no-fluff mentoring from women just like you who have overcome formidable internal and external limitations to achieve SuperAbundant Success in the areas you are seeking growth.


Instant access to a library of courses, resources and guides created by our mentors and designed to help you bring the seven most important areas of life into SuperAbundance. New content updated regularly.

Your Questions Answered...

We deliver online interactive bootcamps throughout the year, led by our team of mentors. During the bootcamps, you will receive training, support, resources and accountability to help you achieve your goals in the seven important areas of life. In addition to that, you will have instant access to a library of courses and all the resources shared during our bootcamps for you to go through at your convenience.

Yes. However, this service is not included in your membership and will incur an additional cost.

Yes! For your convenience, all of our courses, bootcamps and community activities are delivered online. All you need is a smart device and internet.

Quite simply because every single one of our mentors was selected because she has demonstrated unquestionable success in the area she will be supporting you with. We don’t deal with theories; only tried and tested life-transforming teaching, strategies and tools.

That said, it will still require commitment and a strong desire for change on your part.

Yes. Write to us at within seven days of joining the mentoring program for the first time asking to cancel your membership and we will offer you a full refund.

If you decide to leave the membership after the seven-day grace period has elapsed, you may still cancel your membership but regretfully, we will be unable to offer you a refund. In that case, you will still have access to the full program until your current payment period expires.

Yes. You can cancel at any time. There is a cancellation facility in the Accounts section that allows you to cancel with the click of a button. Please note that if you decide to cancel your membership after the seven-day grace period has elapsed, regretfully, we will be unable to offer you a refund. However, you will still have access to the full program until your current payment period expires.