Stop Paying Monthly Fees for Video Hosting...

Get Lifetime Access to an All-in-One Video Recording, Hosting, and Streaming Software...

Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee


Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee


Host All Kinds of Video & Audio With Us

ZERO Censorship, No Monthly/Annual Fees, 100% Ad-Free, No Adilo Logo/Watermark



All-in-one video software

The #1 video hosting & marketing software for businesses


Unlimited Videos & Audios


Enjoy studio quality unlimited 4K camera and screen recording straight from your browser, with nothing to download or install (we also have a desktop app if that’s your thing).

Record and send video messages, record e-learning video lessons, and vlogs, record & transcribe zoom meetings (other meeting apps too), customer training, slides, and employee onboarding videos too.

Other than videos, you can also record high-quality podcasts, audiobooks, voiceovers, voice notes for business, and audio stories of any length.

Plus A Video Request Feature To Collect Videos From Anyone, Anywhere.


Unlimited Videos & Audios

Easily drag and drop your files to upload them or import from other video platforms in 1-click

Our drag-and-drop uploader makes it easy to upload as many video/audio files as want and you can do it pretty fast since you can drag all the files want and begin uploading once. We accept all the major video and audio file types including mp4, mov, webm, wmv, mkv, avi, ogg, mp3, wma, wav, m4a, aac, etc.

If you already have videos hosted on other platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, etc. you can move them to Adilo in 1-click with our video import API.

We make hosting videos on Adilo very easy.


Unlimited Videos & Audios

Enjoy Buffer-Free Video Streaming When You Switch To Adilo

Life is too short for buffering
your viewers will never have to wait for your videos to load.

Our slick yet flexible and highly customizable video player will keep your viewers glued to your content and with our expedited delivery technology, your viewers will never experience any lag when watching videos

We combine 4 key approaches to achieve lightening-fast video streaming namely “flagship segment preloading, adaptive bitrate encoding,  CDN-based delivery and lightweight player”. So whether you’re delivering your videos to thousands or millions of viewers around the world, you can be confident in the fact that your audience will get the best viewing experience possible.


Your Videos With Powerful Call To Actions

Adilo is more than just a video hosting and streaming platform. Businesses rely on videos to reach their audience, generate leads and make sales, and inside Adilo, we have built-in powerful marketing tools that makes it easy for you monetize your video and triple their revenue impact.

You can:

– Display email lead capture forms in your videos
– Display clickable links & buttons on your videos
– Display ads, banners, buttons and HTML
– Redirect viewers to any link at the end of your videos

And so much more.


Performance Of Videos

Powerful video analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your videos in real-time. Full video engagement graph and watch heat-map show you visually how your viewers engaged with your video, what they were most interested in and where the drop-offs happened..

You can also see the countries where most of your traffic is coming from, the devices your viewers are using to consume your content and so much more

Adilo Also Gives Your A Dashboard To Manage All Your Content In 1 Place

Adilo is more than just a video hosting & marketing software, it’s an all-one-one content platform. You’ll be able to record, edit, create, store and stream all your videos and audio from 1 dashboard.

With our content library feature, you’ll be to create unlimited projects and sub-folders to keep your contents segmented and organized.

Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee

Regular $499



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Businesses & Creators Love Adilo❤️

MORE Reasons To Switch To Adilo...

Unlimited Video & Audio Hosting For Life

Adilo is an audio & video hosting masterpiece, and when you begin using it (only if you sign up on this page), you’ll never have to pay expensive monthly subscriptions for video marketing software again.

Adilo not only lets you host videos, we let you host your audio files, (music, audiobooks, voice over recordings and podcasts) with us.

You get 300GB storage space for your files and 300GB monthly bandwidth free for life.

We’ll host all your content and stream it for life for a low one time payment.

Customizable Video Player

Our video player is built with flexibility giving you the power to customize it your way.

You can change the player’s appearance to your branding colors.

Customize which of the player controls are visible on your videos, you can show or hide the rewind/forward icons, hide or show the video progress bar, the volume icon, enable/disable autoplay, hide or show captions and so much more.

The entire control is in your hands, there’s no limits to how much you can customize your streaming experience

Also the player is 100% ad-free, there’s no Adilo logo watermark on your videos ever.

Video Protection

Control who can watch your videos

Do you have premium videos you want to secure, maybe your e-learning courses, tutorials or secret video instructions?

Embed Your Videos Anywhere...

There are no restrictions, with Adilo we give you many ways to embed your videos online.

Our video player is 100% mobile responsive, fully adaptive to every screen & device including smart TVs and 3rd party apps.

We also support oEmbed, iFramely and Embedly options.

Embeds everywhere you can think of (blogs, eCommerce stores, HTML websites, sales funnels, landing pages, membership sites, mobile, desktop & web apps)

Build Video Playlists

Easily build playlists, movie watchlists, audio playlists, content hubs and video libraries, tutorial collections.

Embed playlists anywhere and let your audience binge on it.

Make Your Videos More Interactive
& Engaging With Video Chapters

Chapters make videos far more engaging to watch and increase the completion rate for long videos. It’s almost impossible for people to sit through a long video but with chapters, your viewers will enjoy your videos whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour in length.

Chapters are perfect for product demos, product reviews, webinar replays, tutorials, and interview videos.

Host All Your Videos For Any Purpose

Websites & blogs

Educational & training videos

Membership sites

Helpdesk & knowledge base

Webinar & event replays

Sales funnels & landing pages

eCommerce stores

Product demos & client prospecting

Adilo Is Built For You & Everyone Who Use Videos To Reach, Connect, Grow & Sell

Online marketers & video marketers

eCommerce vendors

Freelancers & agencies

Startups & agencies

Small & local businesses

Vloggers, influencers & bloggers

Coaches, schools & teachers

Film makers

Entertainers & indie musicians


Religious ministries & non-profit organizations


We’ve created a platform that many entrepreneurs, content creators, podcasters, businesses, and even religious organizations all over the world have come to love and use every day.

Whether you’re a dancer teaching an online ballet class, a gamer that needs to record and share gameplays with your fans & teams or you’re an eCommerce vendor making lots of product demo videos, or a spiritual leader spreading the word to your congregation, Adilo provides a home for all the content you will ever create.

It's Very Easy To LOVE Adilo
That SO Many People Just Do

Adilo is the all-in-one video software you need

When you join Adilo today, you won’t need another video software ever. We take care of everything for you from recording, editing, hosting, streaming, marketing and tracking. Best part is we’ll never charge you expensive monthly fees if you sign up on this page.

Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee

Regular $499



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Never Pay for Video Hosting Again

Calling all content creators, film makers, videographers, coaches, and businesses.

It’s time to say goodbye to costly video marketing tools that are eating into your budget.

It’s time to enjoy 100% ad-free & zero-censorship hosting that give you the power to stream unlimited.

FORGET about free hosting platforms that place ads on your videos & steal your customers or paid platforms that you huge fees monthly to host your videos.

It’s time to switch, we’ll never
– place ads on your videos & steal your customers
– censor and ban your account whenever you say things that are not aligned with the popular opinion 
– limit what you can do or how can you customize your video player

Here's A Summary Of Key Benefits You Get When You Switch to Adilo Today

Never Pay for Video Hosting Again

Adilo helps businesses and creators host their content (audio and videos) on our platform and they in turn leverage this content to reach new audiences, promote their products and sell services.

With a Commercial license, you’re allowed to use Adilo beyond this first level. This free bonus today confers on your the full authority to use Adilo to host content for your clients, or host commercial content that you sell to clients such as stock footages, soundtracks, video templates, animations and so much more. 

All Available to You for a
LOW One-Time Fee of $69

This is a special one-time offer and if you close this page, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see this offer again.

And here’s just how incredible this opportunity is.

Even though what we’re giving you right now is a lifetime access, which means you can use the software for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or even 8 years and we’ll never ask you a penny (because you’re amongst our early backers who invested and trusted us, you’ll never pay monthly subscription fees like the rest of the people who will join us later).

You’ll never get such professional video and audio hosting servce with all our advanced features for such a low one time fee.

Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee

Regular $499



Hurry! This Special Offer Ends In...


And Your Investment Today is 100% Protected By Our

14 Day Guarantee

Go ahead and sign up to Adilo lifetime deal today on us. We promise you’re going to find this platform and all the amazing pieces of technology we’ve built into it absolutely fascinating, and exactly the tool you need to solve most of your video marketing problems.

However, should you encounter technical difficulties that our support team cannot solve for you, or if any of the features shown here are not working as promised, we’ll refund your money. Join Adilo 100% risk-free.

Plus A Committed Customer Support Team For Best Quality Service

All Adilo customers qualify for first-class customer support. Other than super-fast video delivery, we also have super-fast customer support including live chat.

Adilo is an amazing video & audio platform breaking new boundaries and is backed by a tech company. To your benefit, we have agents ready to answer your questions fast. You can always chat with us live inside the platform or open a ticket at our help desk and you’re guaranteed to get help fast.

There’s also a knowledge base with step-by-step video training on how to use Adilo, you can almost always get all your answers there.

This is The Only Video & Audio Software You'll Ever Need...

Get Adilo for a Low One-Time Fee

Regular $499



Hurry! This Special Offer Ends In...


Frequently Asked Questions

No, your purchase is one time deal only and you'll never pay us monthly.

Yes, we accept multiple payment methods including Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Amazon Pay, Wire Transfer. If you encounter any issues making payment, email us to

If you already have an Adilo, just click on the Order Button and once this checkout popup appears, click on the Login option and enter your Adilo account email address then complete the purchase and we'll automatically change your Adilo account to this lifetime plan.

If you run into issues creating account or logging in to make purchase, use the chat button on the bottom right to get in touch or email us to

This lifetime offer is designed to give you exactly what you need the most without paying monthly fees for it "which is to host, customize and publish your videos". However, Adilo as SaaS is a full-on video marketing suite with lots of advanced technologies, some which are impossible for us to offer on a lifetime deal because the resources incur huge monthly running cost for us to operate them such as multi-DRM technology, forensic technology, AI subtitling, snapbyte add-on and a few others. For simplification: what you get in this lifetime deal is exactly anything we've promised you on this page.

Yes, we offer live chat and email ticket support to all our customers. You can chat with our team right inside the Adilo platform.

Yes, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee, details are written on this page.

We pride ourselves as a zero-censorship platform so you're free to record, create and host any content with us provided it's not pornography or content promoting violence on any set of people in any form.

Absolutely! Drag n' drop your videos to upload, click to edit, optimize and add call to actions then share with the world. It works everywhere, on all devices and all browsers.

There are 3 ways you can get in touch with our support team, we have a live chat right on this website, go ahead and use that, you’ll see it on the bottom right or open a ticket at or send an email to and we’ll be in touch with you

Yes, this software is actively supported and it has an ongoing development team so expect a lot of new features and updates.

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