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Video 1: The Miracle Magnet Principle

Video 2: Clarify Your Desire

Video 3: Receive a powerful word from God

Video 4: Personalise Your Word

Video 5: Call It In!

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The SuperAbundant Woman

The SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) is an online membership that that helps you make consistent, supernatural progress towards your best, most satisfying life by guiding you to put God first and enjoy a SuperAbundant life fueled by grace.

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“After 8 years of being stuck in the same junior management role, within 3 months of joining SAW, I secured an AGM role as Chief Compliance Officer at a bank.”


I thank God for using SAW to bless me so much as he has used Olawunmi Brigue to communicate his love to me too many times that I either cry the cry of joy on our 5am prayer calls or laugh most times in amazement ā€“ all glory to God for showing up ever so timely! I have been born again for years, but with SAW, it feels like Iā€™m born again, again!ā€


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Olawunmi Brigue (Founder, SAW)

Olawunmi Brigue is a Transformational Life Coach dedicated to teaching Christians uncomplicated ways to put God 1st & leverage your unfair advantage to thrive supernaturally in EVERY area of life.