Mind Mastery Masterclass

Keys to Unlocking SuperAbundant Mental Health

A Virtual Event

26 February 2022


Joy Jegede

Joy Jegede, is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and social worker with a passion for working with members of the BIPOC and African Immigrant communities, providing culturally appropriate trauma-informed evidence-based clinical interventions. 

She is certified in Problem Solving Treatment (PST), and a Level I Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). Her training and interests include trauma-informed mental health care, neuroscience in psychotherapy, challenging stigma to provide access, acculturation challenges, and research that include her population of interest. 

What to expect at the Mind Mastery Masterclass


By laying the foundation of the basis of mental health, you become clear on the importance of mental health and how it impacts your daily life


By presenting truths, the speakers will debunk myths and cause mindset shifts that'll set you free from unnecessary mental torture


You will walk away with helpful interventions to address the common mental illnesses and help yourself or people around you in need


You will receive a bank of relevant tools and resources that will equip you for your journey

What to expect...


SATURDAY 7:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Joy Jegede shares about
- You and your Mind
- Common Mental Illnesses and Helpful Interventions
- Stress and Trauma
- Managing your Physical, Mental and Emotional Responses to the World
- And so much more

Enrolment closes Saturday 26 February 6 pm U.K. Time.
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