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The SuperAbundant Woman Mentoring Program

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What are we offering you?

A practical, down-to-earth mentoring program that inspires, guides and encourages you to step into God's SuperAbundance in the seven most important areas of life.

Members are getting mindblowing results!

NINE (9!) new job or promotion offers were received within six weeks during the Career Bootcamp. Three of our ladies had been searching and applying for their perfect role for over a year!

“I lost 4.2kg in 30 days during the Health and Fitness Challenge.”

“Before the Finance Bootcamp, I never saw the value in saving, our family expenses constantly went over what was coming in and we were tens of thousands of dollars in loans and credit cards. By the first session of the bootcamp, I had a serious mindset shift. I started to apply the teachings and today, I’m saving consistently and we have cleared about a quarter of our debts – all within eight weeks!”

“I thank God for using SAW to bless me so much as he has used Olawunmi Brigue to communicate with me too many times that I either cry the cry of joy on our 5am prayer calls or laugh most times in amazement – all glory to God for showing up ever so timely! I have been born again for years, but with SAW, it feels like I’m born again, again!”

How does it work?


Receive hands-on, no-fluff mentoring from women just like you who have overcome formidable internal and external limitations to achieve SuperAbundant Success in the areas you are seeking growth.


Instant access to a library of courses, resources and guides created by our mentors and designed to help you bring the seven most important areas of life into SuperAbundance. New content updated regularly.

Meet the mentors


Olawunmi has a passion for helping Christians overcome stagnation, destructive habits and persistently problematic areas of their lives so that they can enjoy an all-round SuperAbundant Life.

In the not too distant past, she herself was trapped in a cycle of failure and helplessness as a jobless, penniless, pregnant and rejected, bitter, full of guilt and shame, confused and depressed Christian! But by coming in contact with her true identity in Christ, her life was transformed from “broke and broken” to healed, restored and enjoying superabundant success in her life. 

Olawunmi leads the SuperAbundant Spiritual Life, Marriage and Children Mentoring Programs. You will also benefit from her mentoring in the other areas as she works alongside other mentors.


Tolulope Martin


Tolu is one of the most senior women in Shell Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and she leads the Engineering team of its retail businesses. 

After secondary school, she left the comfort of her family and home in Nigeria for Russia – a country where she knew no one nor spoke the language – to pursue an undergraduate and subsequently a postgraduate Engineering degree. Determined to succeed, Tolu not only learned the language but she also overcame racial and gender prejudices, and several challenging situations to complete her degrees with flying colours and looks back with fondness at her time in Russia. 

That formed the beginning of a career that has seen her rise through the ranks to become a highly sought after senior leader in the Oil & Gas industry in Germany where she now lives. Tolu is happily married with a daughter and a son. She speaks several languages fluently including German, Russian, English and Yoruba and she is passionate about people development, innovation and change management.

Tolu leads the SuperAbundant Career Mentoring Program.

Banke Ajayi


Banke is a Risk Management consultant and the founder of AH.JA.YEE, a high-end natural skin and hair care brand for men.

As a career professional, Banke always had the idea of starting her own business but kept putting it off because she felt she didn’t have the knowledge to launch and grow a successful business. It was during one of the toughest seasons of her life that she finally took bold action. She enrolled in the MBA programme of Imperial College Business School in London which further confirmed her love for entrepreneurship and innovation. She launched AH.JA.YEE halfway through the MBA programme.

AH.JA.YEE is a successful brand that has been featured in major publications including GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar.

Banke leads the SuperAbundant Business Mentoring Program.


Temi is a project manager and a strong champion of financial freedom. Her own journey to financial freedom began during a time when she was facing great financial pressure with a low income and large amounts of debt created out of a habit of constantly spending beyond her means. 

Stirred up by a strong desire to change her financial outlook, she began to apply biblical principles of prosperity coupled with practical financial management laws. 

With time, she cleared all her debts and created a sizeable portfolio of savings and investments that gives her the freedom to live life on her own terms.

Temi leads the SuperAbundant Finances Mentoring Program.

Bunmi Banwo


Bunmi is a personal trainer and Health Coach who is passionate about helping women with busy lives prioritise their health by helping them develop a healthy mindset and a sustainable balanced eating and active lifestyle.

Born out of her own struggle with trying to juggle family and work responsibilities with maintaining a rigorous fitness regime, Bunmi became adept at creating a healthy lifestyle that fits perfectly within her life as a wife, mother, professional and business owner. Now she mentors women to achieve the same.

Bunmi leads the SuperAbundant Health & Fitness Mentoring Program.

“The spiritual life bootcamp has been an amazing experience. In one of the morning prayer sessions, God spoke to us about ordaining people to speak for us. Following that, I went into a meeting with my manager and I was asked to lead a project that is the second most important priority for our organisation at this time. They needed someone and our executive team and group board asked for me specifically. I’m in awe of how specific God is about me.”


Every time I attend the 5am Club prayer meetings I just start tripping when I see some scriptures that hit the nail on head. I am like, you mean this is in the Bible too?!! It is so soothing to know that every detail of my life is covered in the word of God. I’m so excited about my journey so far that I see clearly now what my main PURPOSE in life is.”


Go further, faster with Live Bootcamps delivered by our team of mentors

Prayer, Praise & Purity Bootcamps

Keep your spiritual life hot and effective with three Prayer, Praise & Purity Bootcamps spread across the year, as well as our monthly prayer and fasting session, all led by Olawunmi Brigue.

Financial Bootcamp

Want to grow your income? Want to better manage your finances or plan for the future? Tired of being on the debt treadmill? 

Our 6-week Financial Bootcamp led by Temi Sholola will equip you with the strategies, tools and teaching you need to get your finances in order, from biblical teaching on cultivating a prosperity mindset to practical tips on budgeting, savings, etc. 

Career Bootcamp

Don’t allow your career to become stale or unfulfilling. Find out the practical steps you need to take your career to the next level, create a viable plan and take deliberate action during our 6-Week Career Bootcamp led by Tolu Martin.

Marriage & Children Bootcamp

During the 6-Week Marriage & Children Bootcamp led by Olawunmi Brigue, we learn fresh insights from God’s word and apply practical wisdom to enjoy healthier marriages and raise extraordinary children. 

You can expect practical advice and actionable strategies for greater intimacy in your marriage and for your children’s academic excellence and spiritual growth.

Business Bootcamp

Whether you’re still in idea phase or you are seeking to grow your business, this 6-week Business Bootcamp led by Banke Ajayi will equip you with the teaching, tools and strategies you need to start or grow your business, and will inspire you to take massive action.

Health & Fitness Bootcamp

Health is the most important area of our physical life but as women, it is often the one we pay the least attention to. Give due priority to your health and wellbeing as Bunmi Banwo leads us to make healthier eating and fitness choices during our 6-Week Health & Fitness Bootcamp. 

“I’d been looking for work for over a year before I joined SAW. I got feedback regarding my application during the Career Bootcamp and during one of the morning sessions, whilst we prayed I realized I’ve been acting like I was God, thinking for Him and then I repented and laid it all bare at his feet and in my journal I wrote; I’m committing it to God, I’m excited, I’m thankful. I don’t know how God would do it, but I know He would sort it out. A couple of days later, I was called for an Interview. I had been to several in the past without success. At this new interview, I even thought I had flopped and hadn’t done as well as the previous ones. But I kept praising God and a few days after the interview my appointment was confirmed.”


You get...

THE entire resource library


We are building a rich world-class library of courses that are packed full of practical teaching, strategies and tools for SuperAbundant Living. Access instantly and as many times as you want at no additional cost to you.

“Since joining SAW, God has been giving me clear direction with regards to my family. One day, I got the urge to pray for my children and although I ignored a few times, after a while I listened and prayed. A few days after, my two children got very sick after visiting a family member and were rushed to the hospital. We initially thought it was cholera because of the symptoms but after series of tests, a paediatrician confirmed they had been poisoned! Terrible fear wanted to swallow me but I have learned from SAW to trust God and rest in him and instead of being anxious and agitated, I just praised God and kept praying. The SAW women stood with me solidly in prayer and encouragement. For many nights, the children were in a life and death situation but one night, overnight, they miraculously recovered and have been restored to perfect health.”


You also become an exclusive member of...

the 5am club



– MONDAYS: Pray over the work of your hands – career/business, finances and every part of your work life

– TUESDAYS:  Intercede for the most important people in your life, and whoever else the Holy Spirit lays on your heart

THURSDAYS: It’s You Time! Pray for your total wellbeing spiritually, mentally and physically

Can’t make it live? No problem. We record it and share it with you so that you can pray whenever is most convenient for you!

What courses are included?

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£ 22 PAY £264 ONCE A YEAR

Your Questions Answered...

We deliver online interactive bootcamps throughout the year, led by our team of mentors. During the bootcamps, you will receive training, support, resources and accountability to help you achieve your goals in the seven important areas of life. In addition to that, you will have instant access to a library of courses and all the resources shared during our bootcamps for you to go through at your convenience.

Yes. However, this service is not included in your membership and will incur an additional cost.

Yes! For your convenience, all of our courses, bootcamps and community activities are delivered online. All you need is a smart device and internet.

Quite simply because every single one of our mentors was selected because she has demonstrated unquestionable success in the area she will be supporting you with. We don’t deal with theories; only tried and tested life-transforming teaching, strategies and tools.

That said, it will still require commitment and a strong desire for change on your part.

Yes. Write to us at contact@olawunmibrigue.com within 14 days of joining the mentoring program for the first time asking to cancel your membership and we will offer you a full refund.

If you decide to leave the membership after the seven-day grace period has elapsed, you may still cancel your membership but regretfully, we will be unable to offer you a refund. In that case, you will still have access to the full program until your current payment period expires.

Yes. You can cancel at any time. There is a cancellation facility in the Accounts section that allows you to cancel with the click of a button. Please note that if you decide to cancel your membership after the seven-day grace period has elapsed, regretfully, we will be unable to offer you a refund. However, you will still have access to the full program until your current payment period expires.




(SAVE £60)


(SAVE £96)
£ 22 PAY £264 ONCE A YEAR

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