REVIVE YOUR GOD-FACTOR, ditch the constant work-life frustration and stress, and step into your biggest successes at work, at home & beyond.

question for you...

What's the difference between the "good ol' days" and now?

You remember those days, don’t you? 

When it felt like you were walking on Cloud 9, you were so connected with God that nothing could get you down. 

But now, the tiniest challenges send you into a spiral of sadness, anxiety and fear.

Doors of favour were flying open left, right and centre and you experienced many supernatural victories in God. 

But now, it feels like you’ve been stuck at the level for soooooo long.

What happened? Did God stop caring about your progress? Has he abandoned you? 

Certainly not!

The only difference between then and now is a sizeable drop in the level of God-Factor operating in, through and for you!


You can reverse all this in as little as one week!

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • Your prayer life and bible study are sporadic at best.
  • You constantly feel like you’re running on empty.
  • The divine flow of miraculous exploits and advancements you once enjoyed are reduced to trickles or dried up completely.
  • You crave that intimacy you once had with God but can’t seem to get it back.

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you’re tired of

feeling far from God

… you’re tired of

doing it your way with no 

real results

… you’re tired of

feeling left behind by peers

flying ahead


Well, you're not alone...

Here’s my own story…

In the not too distant past, I myself was trapped in a cycle of failure, helplessness and shame. I was pregnant out of wedlock and rejected, jobless, penniless, and dominated by negative emotions! 

The great victories I had experienced in my walk with God were a very, very distant memory!

I was a Christian but I was defeated on almost every side!

But when I reconnected with my true identity in Christ and began to live by the power and wisdom of God…

My life was completely transformed from “broke and broken” to healed, restored and enjoying multiple superabundant successes in my life. 

Through that journey, I learnt that God is never, ever far away. 

As soon as I DREW near and STAYED CONNECTED to him, the floodgates of blessings opened up into my life.

I’m talking about promotions at work, unprecedented business and financial growth, a beautiful marriage and home, and best of all…an overflow of God’s peace and joy.

Still curious? Go to olawunmibrigue.com/about to read more about my story.


And that's why God raised me to help you...

Olawunmi Brigue

You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm here to help you get there.

Imagine how it would feel to...

always feel connected to God, your source of strength, favour, wisdom

… make giant leaps in your career, business & finances

… enjoy a beautiful marriage and happy home


The SuperAbundant Woman

The SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) is an online membership that makes spiritual and personal growth simple, fun and effective for the multi-dimensional Christian woman like you, so that you can show up confidently and succeed exceptionally at work, at home and in life.

read up.

The results speak for themselves...

NINE (9!) new job or promotion offers were received within six weeks during the Career Bootcamp. Three of our ladies had been searching and applying for their perfect role for over a year!

I thank God for using SAW to bless me so much as he has used Olawunmi Brigue to communicate his love to me too many times that I either cry the cry of joy on our 5am prayer calls or laugh most times in amazement – all glory to God for showing up ever so timely! I have been born again for years, but with SAW, it feels like I’m born again, again!”


Ready to change your life?

let's dig into the details

Here are the courses you access instantly...

bundle ONE

Spiritual Life

  • Revive your prayer life and enter a flow of supernatural victories
  • Hear God confidently and commune with him intimately
  • No more drifting – gain clarity and live your life by God’s design not by chance or people’s opinions
  • Apply the practical wisdom of God’s word to everyday life

bundle two


  • Clarify your mid- to long-term career goals
  • Identify your knowledge, skills and experience gaps
  • Create a Personal Development Plan to close the gaps
  • Brush up on soft skills that will get you spotlighted and promoted including authenticity and personal branding

bundle three

Health & Fitness

  • Redefine your body image and see yourself first of all as God sees you
  • Nutrition – understand what your body needs and the best foods and portions to feed it for optimal health
  • Get moving! Identify the exercise that fits perfectly into your lifestyle 
  • Prioritise self-care and rest

bundle four


  • Embrace the mindset for supernatural prosperity
  • Manage your money as a faithful steward – debt-freedom, budgeting, accounting and savings
  • Multiply your money through increased streams of income and investments 

bundle five


  • Create a vision for your marriage and family
  • Learn how to communicate with your spouse in the way he will really hear you
  • Embrace the rewards and avoid the pitfalls associated with sex and money
  • Understand spiritual authority and the leadership model God instituted in marriage
  • Gain insights into the psychology of men and the key differences in the way men and women think

bundle six


  • Intentional parenting vs reactive parenting
  • Identify your child’s executive skills deficit and create a plan to help them develop 
  • Raising boys vs raising girls
  • Fostering independence through routines, rituals and rewards
  • Raising kids who love, honour and impact their world for God

bundle seven


  • Nail your niche
  • Validate your offer
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Pricing strategy
  • Balancing business with 9 to 5 

and don't forget...

This all takes place inside the stunningly beautiful, custom-made SAW App!


At SAW, we are always looking for ways to improve our membership experience. Only the best will do for SuperAbundant Women! That's why we didn't hold anything back in creating this stunningly designed and amazing app just for you.


More than 30 courses and counting at the tap of your finger! All our courses are accompanied by mentor-led live sessions and cover the 7 most important areas of life: Spiritual Life, Career, Finances, Business, Marriage, Parenting and Health & Fitness.


Tired of getting sucked into the social media deep dark hole? All our community groups are hosted privately in the SAW app, away from the distractions and prying eyes of Facebook, WhatsApp and the like.


Join in at the tap of your finger for morning prayers, live trainings, accountability meetings, book club discussions, and more. No more worrying about the whole world seeing the comments you leave on Facebook or IG lives!

Ready to snap up 14 FREE DAYS?

“After 8 years of being stuck in the same junior management role, within 3 months of joining SAW, I secured an AGM role as Chief Compliance Officer at a bank.”


“Before the Finance Bootcamp, I never saw the value in saving, our family expenses constantly went over what was coming in and we were tens of thousands of dollars in loans and credit cards. By the first session of the bootcamp, I had a serious mindset shift. I started to apply the teachings and today, I’m saving consistently and we have cleared about a quarter of our debts – all within eight weeks!”


let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Instant & Exclusive access to the complete SAW Library

A collection of over 30 topical e-courses on Prayer, Career, Finances, Marriage, Parenting and more

Live Expert-Led Topical Bootcamps

Take what you’re learning and actually implement it with guidance and support from a mentor

Exclusive access to Live and Recorded Prayer Sessions

Keep your prayer life on fire with prophetic prayer and meditation sessions three times a week


Topical Bible Studies for the 21st Century Woman

Rekindle your love for God’s word with our fun and engaging bible study guide and mini video devotionals

Themed Community Groups 

Join discussions, challenges and support networks in the topics that interest you most




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Start your SuperAbundant experience today

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When you sign up today, you will automatically get a 14-day FREE TRIAL. If you’re not happy, cancel within that period and your card will NOT BE CHARGED. 

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Meet our team of Mentors

Olawunmi Brigue


Olawunmi is a Transformational Life Coach and Founder of SAW. Prior to establishing her coaching business, she rose to senior leadership in her professional career and has more than fourteen years’ experience in teaching, behavioural change, leadership development, and change management.

Tolu Martin

career & leadership

Tolu is a highly respected leader in her field, currently working as a Business Development Manager. Her 15-year career has seen her break through race and gender barriers and rise through the ranks to become one of the most senior women in a multinational organisation.

Temi Sholola

finance & investments

Temi is a project manager and a strong advocate of financial freedom. Once buried under a mountain of debt, she transformed her financial outlook by applying biblical principles of prosperity and practical financial management laws. Today she teaches others how to achieve financial freedom to live life on their own terms.

Bunmi Banwo

Health & fitness

Bunmi is a personal trainer and Health & Fitness Coach passionate about helping women with busy lives prioritise their health by developing a healthy self-image and a building a sustainable fitness and healthy eating lifestyle.

Banke Ajayi


Banke is the founder of Ahjahyee, a successful high-end natural skin and hair care brand for men featured in major publications including GQ, Esquire, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Banke holds an MBA from Imperial College, London.

Oyindamola Sosanya

book club

Oyindamola is a Change Management consultant and a great lover and collector of books. She truly believes the words of Dr. Seuss that ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Bukola Jolugbo

Parenting boys

Bukola is the founder of Joshua’s Army, an organisation advocating an excellent family life and bridging the gap between fathers and sons. 


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.


Saying YES to SAW right now is just as easy as saying No. 

But take a moment to weigh both options. 

A “No” means you get to keep your £22 every month and probably end up spending it on something you can’t even account for. 

That’s it.

But a YES means you could begin TODAY moving towards:

– A revitalised prayer and Word life

– Advancements in your career and business

– Debt freedom and wealth creation

– Richer and fruitful relationship with your husband and children

– A healthy and fit body

– And much more!

Is it really worth holding on to £22 so that you can remain stuck at the level you’re so desperate to get out of?

Isn’t it better to invest it in yourself and your future?


have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver online interactive bootcamps throughout the year, led by our team of mentors. During the bootcamps, you will receive training, support, resources and accountability to help you achieve your goals in the seven important areas of life. In addition to that, you will have instant access to a library of courses and all the resources shared during our bootcamps for you to go through at your convenience.

Yes! For your convenience, all our courses, bootcamps and community activities are delivered online through our beautiful custom-made app. All you need is a smart device and internet.

No! There is no contract and you can cancel your membership anytime.

Quite simply because every single one of our mentors was selected because she has demonstrated unquestionable success in the area she will be supporting you with. We don’t deal with theories; only tried and tested life-transforming teaching, strategies and tools.

That said, it will still require commitment and a strong desire for change on your part.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.

Do you have a strong desire to enjoy exceptional success in your career/business, marriage, parenting, finances, and health? 

Then hop in! 

Take advantage of the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION by linking hands with purpose-driven women of the Most High. 

God is COUNTING ON YOU to manifest all he has deposited inside you.

ready to get started?

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Start your SuperAbundant experience today