You have circled this mountain long enough...

The time to live your best time is NOW!

Imagine what you could achieve in 2022...

I was headhunted for a General Manager role in a Global Fortune 500 company with the exact working conditions I wanted!


Before GEMS, I achieved success but maintaining it was hit and miss. After GEMS, taking giant leaps and maintaining them has been a breeze!

Augusta Massey

Is This You?

I was about to give up my business and return to 9-5. Now I have a consistent stream of clients and I'm finding so much fulfilment in my work!

Regina Green
United States

Just Imagine If you Could...



How wonderful would it be to have what you need and much more to finance worthy causes and projects. G.E.M.S has proven over and over again that you can multiply your income on a consistent basis.

"I got promoted and my salary was TRIPLED."

Abiola Anani



No more living with the disappointment of failed goals or suppressing your heartfelt dreams with a "whatever will be, will be" approach to life. Confidently set audacious goals and hit them with ease.

"I achieved my dream of practising medicine in the UK, with full relocation package from Nigeria."

Dr Moji Adeniji

Happy African American Family In Front of Beautiful House.


You don't have to play with the cards life has dealt you. As a Spirit-filled Christian, you have everything you need to change any situation. G.E.M.S will help you design and more importantly, live the life you truly want.

"My marriage was restored to a beautiful new level of intimacy."

Yewande Kayode

G.E.M.S is not a course...
It is a step-by-step blueprint for supernatural breakthroughs!


Goal execution & mastery system (G.E.M.S)

Transform Your Life With A PROVEN System of groundbreaking teachingcutting-edge strategies and practical tools.



"I secured a prestigious Harvard Fellowship and my family bought our dream home."

Titi Akinsanmi


"I overcame years of crippling depression and found the courage to pursue my dream career."

D. H.


"I secured my dream job. I had been trying to break into that level for three years. With GEMS, it happened in less than a year!"

Kayode Adebayo
United States


"I met the man of my dreams and we got married! All within a year."

United Kingdom


"After several years of struggle, I completed my book and was offered a publishing contract by a renowned publisher!

Felicity Sears

My own G.E.M.S journey...


Fresh out of university, I was pregnant out of wedlock with no job, no money and trapped in a hellhole of anger, bitterness and depression. 

And yet, I was a Spirit-filled Christian.

But by applying the same principles in the G.E.M.S program, God has brought me inexplicable success over and over again, far beyond what I ever thought possible.

– From joblessness to Senior Leadership in a career I loved.

– From sharing a tiny single room with my daughter to owning a profitable property business.

– From a rejected single mother to married to an amazing man I don’t deserve.

– From 9 to 5 to running a fulfilling business that has multiplied my income and allows me to live the lifestyle I’d exactly dreamt.

– From a pit of shame and despair to an international platform of influence.

Olawunmi Brigue

That is why I can recommend G.E.M.S to you
without hesitation...

And these clients do too!

Check out these testimonials

What I love about GEMS is that Olawunmi takes her life-transforming teaching and makes it simple enough to implement over and over for multiple successes. She delivers the training in a practical, hands on way. It's not a bunch of videos that you have to figure out on your own. She walks you through the whole process! Before GEMS, I achieved success but maintaining it was hit and miss. After GEMS, taking giant leaps and maintaining them has been a breeze!
Augusta Massey
GEMS completely threw all my foolishness out the window! It changed my life completely. I was only thinking about my children and their success in life. I felt every other area was fine but not perfect. I didn't know that I was missing out on a lot! My relationships with my husband and my children, my finances and career have taken on another level of glory! GEMS is the brain behind who I am today. It is Scripture-based and life-giving. I thank God for leading me to Olawunmi Brigue.
Tonye Oyetunde
When I started GEMS, I was struggling to handle all the demands on my time and I constantly felt overwhelmed and stressed.
Olawunmi threw all her heart into the coaching process, even flying abroad to have some face to face time with me. She went deep beyond the surface and helped me to create a new way of life that I'm still enjoying today. Anyone who has Olawunmi in their corner is privileged. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough.
Tolu Martin

And the great news is, after the program you have access to all the GEMS content for life.
It's like having a coach with you at all times!

Who is this for...

This is for you if...

your questions answered...

The GEMS group coaching program runs for 14 weeks with live and recorded training, extended support and accountability so that you can fully implement everything you learn. 

And the great news is, you will have access to all the content…for life!

As long as you have new goals, new dreams, new ideas, new heights you are reaching for, you will always find GEMS useful and relevant. It’s like having a coach with you at all times! 

To be honest, only if you make the time. It is unlikely that you will have hours and hours of idle time. But, my point is, when you weigh the rewards that will come with investing in a life-changing program like GEMS, you will find it easy to make the time. 

The bible talks about a man who found a field full of precious gems..what did he do? He made the necessary short-term sacrifice so that he could enjoy a beautiful future.

First of all, GEMS is not a course. It’s a coaching program. Secondly, why is GEMS guaranteed to work? Three words: The Holy Spirit. GEMS is unique simply because the raw material we use is literally the Word of God, and we are completely dependent on the Holy Spirit to carry out the transformational work from the inside-out.

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