Fit for Life Conference

Habits & Mindset Shifts for Enjoyable and Sustainable Weightloss

A 3-Day Virtual Conference

14 - 16 January 2022


Bunmi Banwo

Bunmi is a Personal Trainer and Health Coach who is passionate about helping women with busy lives prioritise their health by helping them develop a healthy mindset and a sustainable balanced eating and active lifestyle.

Oyindamola Sosanya

Oyindamola Sosanya is a Business Change and Transformation Professional, a wife and mum of two, and a health and fitness enthusiast who has a passion for personal development through building consistent sustainable habits.

Damilola Bode-Ogundipe

Damilola Bode-Ogundipe is a Fitness Communicator, Coach, Speaker and Author with over 6 years’ experience of actively coaching and helping Mums and women, in general, incorporate fitness into their lives, as an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle.

Oluwaseun Odunubi

Oluwaseun Odunubi is a Wellness Advocate, Inspirational Speaker and an Author. She has a peculiar passion for equipping the future generation to live a healthy and balanced life in God. 

What to expect at the Fit for Life Conference


Through the speakers' personal stories of transformation, you will be inpired to take necessary action


By presenting truths, the speakers will debunk myths and cause mindset shifts that'll set you free from fruitless efforts


You will walk away with clear strategic action steps that will empower you to produce results similar to the speakers


You will receive a bank of relevant tools and resources that will equip you for your journey

Conference Schedule

01 How I made the transition from good intentions into real results

FRIDAY 7:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Oyindamola Sosanya shares how she successfully moved beyond merely having good intentions for her health and fitness to creating a fit lifestyle that has helped her achieve and maintain her weight loss goals.

02 Weakness Became Strength: My Faith Journey to Weight loss and Emotional Wellness

SATURDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Oluwaseun Odunubi shares her emotional struggles during her weight loss journey, and how God used his truths to transform her weaknesses into her biggest strengths.

03 How your Mindset affects fitness, hunger and your relationship with food

SATURDAY 7:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Bunmi Banwo shares how your mindset can have a big influence on your health and body, and the non-negotiable mindset shifts required for effective and sustainable weight loss and fitness.

04 Help! The weight isn’t shifting!!! Reasons women struggle with weight loss

SUNDAY 7:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Damilola Bode-Ogundipe shares the most common mistakes and misconceptions that cause weight loss goals to fail and how to overcome them for sustainable results.

Enrolment closes Friday 14 January 6pm U.K. Time.
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