How to Get Your Prayer Life Back On Track

Prayer is what connects the Christian to the true Source of their life. Living without a vibrant or consistent prayer life is like taking a fish out of water and expecting it to thrive.

Unfortunately, with busy lives busting with activities, prayer is commonly one of the first things to get choked out. And your are left feeling empty, unfulfilled and disconnected, going through each day feeling dry, overwhelmed by challenges and only experiencing the richness of God’s peace, wisdom and joy in trickles.

In this episode, Olawunmi shares five practical and well proven strategies that have helped me and several other Christians revive their prayer life and consistently experience the joys of a vibrant, exciting and effective prayer life.


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Olawunmi Brigue

"I am an avid listener of the SuperAbundant Life Podcast and it has blessed me so much that I have gotten my family members to also take a liking to it. We practically discuss the episodes in our free time. I have been practising Olawunmi's God inspired strategies in my life and career. I can categorically say that my life is being transformed. I just landed a job to head the HR team of a company (Group with 3 subsidiary companies).

Olajumoke A.

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