Career Boost


What it really takes to rise in the workplace?

Conference Schedule

01 Beyond Competence and Skills: Activating your God Factor for exceptional career success

FRIDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Olawunmi Brigue shares how staying consistent in the place of prayer and building deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit played a major role in her career advancement.

02 Beyond the Salary: Becoming indispensable through a problem-solving mindset

FRIDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Diane shares how her drive to solve problems led to significant contributions in her field and exceptional career success.

03 Beyond the Burnout: Thriving on the global stage as a multidimensional woman

SATURDAY 6:30pm U.K. Time In this session, Jola shares how she has made significant leaps in her career without jeopardising her role as a wife and a mother.

04 Beyond the Inner Circle: The power of building genuine relationships outside of your comfort zone

SATURDAY 7:30pm U.K. Time in this session, Tolu shares how her intentionality in building great relationships along her career journey has contributed significantly to her success.

A 2-Day Virtual Conference

Friday 29 - Saturday 30 April 2022


Tolu Martin

Plant Manager, SHELL

Tolu is a seasoned professional with over 15 years leadership experience in Operational, Technical, Business Development and Commercial roles, spanning the Manufacturing, Retail & Supply Chain business sectors of the Downstream Oil and Gas Industry globally.

She is adept at leading across cultures and organisations and highly passionate about helping teams and organisations get the best out of themselves.

Diane Oredope

Lead Pharmacist & Global AMR Lead, PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND

Dr Diane Oredope is a Public and Global Pharmacist. She has chaired/co-chaired several multi-professional national groups on antimicrobial stewardship. She developed and leads the international Antibiotic Guardian campaign (#AntibioticGuardian).

In 2015, Dr. Diane Ashiru-Oredope was awarded Public Health Pharmacist of the year and in 2016 Outstanding Woman in the Public Sector at the 10th PRECIOUS awards.

Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde

REGIONAL Head, Brand and Reputation, GOOGLE

Jola heads Brand and Reputation for Google in Sub-saharan Africa. She is passionate about technology and its ability to unlock human potential and improve the general good.

Jola is a mentor and advises on various programmes and boards. She has been recognised as one of the 40 leading ladies driving the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

Olawunmi Brigue

CEO/FOUNDER, SuperAbundant Woman

Olawunmi Brigue is the Creator of highly acclaimed SuperAbundant Woman (SAW) membership and Goal Execution & Mastery System (GEMS) coaching program. She is dedicated to helping Christian women create inexplicable, mind-blowing successes in every area of their lives by teaching them to maximise their God-factor.

What to expect at the Career Boost Conference


Through the speakers' personal stories of transformation, you will be inpired to take necessary action


By presenting truths, the speakers will debunk myths and cause mindset shifts that'll set you free from fruitless efforts


You will walk away with clear strategic action steps that will empower you to produce results similar to the speakers


You will receive a bank of relevant tools and resources that will equip you for your journey

Enrolment closes Thursday 28 April 6pm U.K. Time.
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